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Pirate Bay | No Decay | Solo/ Duo/ Trio | Limited PVP | Weekly Purge

Pirate Bay is a server with limited PvP, No Decay or Upkeep, Increased Resource Stack Sizes, Treasure Events, Furnace Splitter, Z-Levels, Group limit of 3, with a one day a week Purge. The server wipes monthly, and Blueprints wipe every 3 months starting June, 06/ 2019. We have Active Admins to ensure a pleasant, fun experience for everyone. We strive for a good environment for new players, but also keep enough of a challenge for experienced players too. 



PvP will be limited to certain areas and events within the rules. This being a new server, things will likely change as we progress, so please check in regularly for updates. Please keep in mind KOS is not allowed, including killing sleepers. You can loot anyone you see sleeping, but keep PVP to the designated areas.


Map wipes are the first Thursday of each month. Blueprint wipes are every 3 months starting on June, 06/ 2019. 

Purge Day

Purge day will be every Friday starting at midnight PST, ending at midnight PST, so it is an all day event. The first Purge day of the month excludes any raiding due to the 3 day raid ban. Purge day means all limited PVP rules are off the table. Please keep trolling to a minimum and please don't keep door camping or roof camping for any longer than five minutes. 

Limited PVP Areas


Anyone Within weapons range of your base. If you build within weapons range of someone's base, you are initiating aggression and not only can be fired upon, but can be at risk of being raided. Any raids before raid ban is over will have to be approved first by an admin. If someone is firing at you from their base, you are allowed to defend yourself and fight back. 


Monuments are any area labeled on the map (Dome, Lighthouse, Gas Station, Quarries, ect.). Both you and your target must be Within building block of the monument. If a target runs out of the monument, you can fire at them within weapons range, but do not chase them outside of the monument. Caves will also be considered monuments for PVP purposes and forfeit raid ban protection for bases inside them. Bases built inside monuments (Quarries) also can be raided at any time and will not be protected from the three day raid ban. Roads are not monuments and are safe places for everyone. 

Airdrops and Crash Sites

As soon as an air drop has dropped from the plane, anything within weapons range of the drop will be considered a PVP zone. Once the drop is looted, you have until the person leaves your weapons range before the PVP event has ended. Five minutes after the drop is looted, all PVP has to stop (chasing someone from a drop). 

Anything Within weapons range of a Heli/ Chinook crash site follows the same rules. 


Raiding is PROHIBITED for the first 5 days after the wipe, to allow people to build up a little. Raid ban lift will be on the Tuesday right after wipe at 12pm (PST). Once a raid has begun, anything within weapons range of it has become a PVP zone. Counter raiding is allowed, so please listen carefully for booms and shots, as anyone can shoot you from an active raid. Griefing a base is not allowed! When you are done raiding, leave everything open so that the original base owner can take the base back if they wish. 

Other Rules

  • No one is to discriminate based on their race, political view, sexual orientation, religion, or other category.

  • Public signs or paintings that are deemed inappropriate will not be accepted on the server. We may let some things slide for fun, just be aware you may be asked to change it.

  • Don't be a dick. If someone is showing displeasure at your actions or behavior think twice before continuing. We understand conflict happens in the game, but please don't feel the need to rain on someone else's parade for the hell of it.

  • Keep complaining in chat to a minimum, we understand getting raided or killed sucks, that's why we have rules in place to make it easier for you.  

  • Traps, Barricades, and mines have to be within your build privilege range. Do not litter areas outside your base (out of build privilege), or littler monuments or roads with traps.

  •  We will not reimburse players for items lost from a glitch in the game without proof of the incident.

  • As our admin team are English speakers, we do require everyone to speak English in our server. If signs do not include English, we do require them to be in easily searchable format to translate.

  • We would like to keep a group limit at 3 people and under for this server.  

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